Blade Center S

O BladeCenter S oferece uma ampla gama de opções dearmazenamento e redes integradas ao chassi para simplificar acomplexidade e capacidade de gerenciamento da infraestrutura,ajudando a reduzir os custos totais de propriedade.



Machine type

System x sales channel: 8886
Power Systems sales channel: 7779

Form factor

7U rack-mounted unit.

Maximum number of servers supported

Up to six server blades in six bays. Supports double-wide servers or servers with expansion blades.

Systems supported

All IBM BladeCenter servers.

Nodes per 42U rack

Up to 42 servers in six chassis.

Storage subsystem

Two front-accessible bays for disk storage modules. Each storage module can house up to six 3.5-inch disk drives (12 drives total) or up to 12 2.5-inch disk drives (24 drives total). Storage accessible from installed blade servers via SAS expansion cards in the servers and SAS modules in the chassis. Use of the SAS RAID Controller Module provides integrated RAID and SAS-based storage area networking capabilities. SAS RAID Controller Module includes front-accessible battery backup unit. The 12x 2.5-inch disk storage modules require the SAS RAID Controller Module (SAS Controller Module not supported).

Advanced Management Modules

One Advanced Management Module (AMM), non-redundant, hot-swap, rear access, comprehensive system management functions; PowerPC® 440GP controller. Communicates with integrated system management processor on each blade server. Complete KVM switch local functionality.

Media tray

Two USB ports and optional Multiburner optical drive connectable to any one blade server; switchable via buttons on media tray or remote via the AMM web interface.


AMM: DB-15 analog video port. Dual USB 2.0 for keyboard and mouse. Serial (RJ45). 10/100 Ethernet remote management. 
Media tray: Two USB 2.0 ports that are connectable to any server (not shareable).
Rear: Optional serial pass-thru module in dedicated bay to supply one serial port for each blade bay.

I/O architecture

Up to four I/O modules that support either 1 Gb Ethernet (some modules with 10 Gb uplinks), 4 Gb or 8 Gb Fibre Channel, or 3 Gb SAS connections for each of the blade servers. Bay 1 routes server onboard Ethernet; bay 2 routes CFFh expansion adapter (ports 1 & 2 only, limited adapter support); bays 3 and 4 route CIOv or CFFv expansion adapter in each server.

Power modules

Up to four hot-swap power modules. Supports 110 V and 220 V supply. Rear access. Supplies power to chassis components up to 1450 W at 220 V or 950 W at 110 V. Supports redundancy within pair. Power modules 1 and 2 supply power to all blade bays and components. Power modules 3 and 4 needed for high-performance servers or higher redundancy modes or if storage module 2 installed. Models 1Tx, ETx, and EVx have IEC320-C14 sockets; other models have C20 sockets.

Fan modules

Four fan modules standard and maximum. Hot-swap and redundant, variable speed, rear access, front to back airflow.

System LED panel

Front and rear information panels. Provides power-on, location, over-temperature, information, and system-error conditions.


Declared sound level

6.8 bels.


Operating air temperature: 
10°C - 35°C (50°F to 95°F) up to 900 m (3,000 ft)
10°C - 32°C (50°F to 90°F) up to 2,100 m (7,000 ft)

Electrical power

Input power: 100 - 127 V or 200 - 240 V ac (nominal), 50 or 60 Hz.

Power consumption

3,500 watts maximum.

Power cords

One rack power cable is supplied with each power module.


Height: 306 mm (12 in).
Width: 444 mm (17.5 in).
Depth: 733 mm (28.9 in).


40 - 108 kg (90 - 240 lb).

Limited warranty

Three-year customer-replaceable unit and on-site limited warranty with 9x5/NBD.

Service and support

Optional service upgrades are available through IBM ServicePacs: Four-hour or two-hour response time, eight-hour fix time, one-year or two-year warranty extension.